Who is ellenJAY?

Every. Single. Day. Someone asks, "Are you Ellen?" We laugh and say, "Wellllllll, there's no Ellen!" It's based on our initials "L & J" for Lauren and Jennifer.

We met in 2008 training for a marathon. Running all those hours forged the best friendship as we chatted for miles and miles. We quickly discovered we shared a passion for all things sweet, modern and simply beautiful.

Years later, we became Mommies within 6 weeks of each other. We continued to run lots of miles, but this time, we were pushing the sweetest babies, Sam and Cora, in their strollers (they completed their first 5K race at 6 months). Soon, running chats revolved around how fun it would be to go into business together.

Just before Sam and Cora celebrated their first birthdays, we said, "Let's do this...for real." We dreamed up a mega girly dessert table for Cora and then, weeks later, a totally handsome dessert table for Sam. And, you know what? We got RAVE reviews. Everyone loved the cakes and cookies, but even more, we were officially 100% obsessed with pursuing this passion.

From that point on, we figured out all the things we knew nothing about…business permits, health code, finances, growing a team, operating a commercial size mixer (let's just say confectioner's sugar went flying the first time that baby was turned on!)… Did we mention our team? We have been blessed with the most talented and devoted team of bakers and decorators we could ask for. Team ellenJAY is truly a family who supports each other in this dream daily.

There have been a million steps that led us to where we are today. Our hearts are still on fire for ellenJAY and we love having the privilege of sharing it with you! Cause, you know…NOTHIN'S GOODER THAN SUGAR!

All the Best,
Lauren and Jennifer


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