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Our extensive menu of 3 layer signature cakes - from Sweet Potato to Cookie Dough and everything in between - will totally tempt most any sweet tooth. No matter your personal taste, we know you'll find a favorite.

6 in - $45 (feeds 12)
8 in - $60 (feeds 24)
10 in - $85 (feeds 38)
We recommend ordering your cake at least 3-4 days in advance.

ellenJAY Birthday

White cake mixed with crushed Oreos and rainbow sprinkles. Covered in cookies n' cream buttercream and drizzled with purple ganache.

Sweet Potato

Our most popular specialty flavor! Sweet potato cake is frosted with cinnamon cream cheese icing. Crunchy cinnamon sugar pecans fan the top.

Cookie Dough

Chocolate cake and cookie dough buttercream. Mini chocolate chips rim the base, chocolate ganache drip with edible chocolate chip cookie dough balls on top.

Chocolate Birthday

Traditional yellow butter cake iced with creamy, chocolate buttercream and sprinkled with rainbow jimmies.


White cake decorated with vanilla buttercream dotted with rainbow nonpareils. A pink ganache drip is glazed over top, and topped with 3 mini cake pop ice cream cones.

Vanilla Birthday

Traditional yellow butter cake iced with creamy, vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with rainbow jimmies.

Confetti Cake

White cake with rainbow sprinkles inside. Pick your favorite ganache color and 3-4 sprinkle colors for the outside.

Triple Chocolate

Rich, decadent chocolate cake is frosted with chocolate buttercream, coved with a chocolate ganache drip and edged in decorative swirls of buttercream.

Milk & Cookies

Chocolate chip cake filled with cookie dough buttercream and covered with creamy chocolate buttercream. Topped with a white chocolate ganache and chocolate chip cookies around the base.

Chocolate Cookie Explosion

Chocolate cake is filled with cookie dough buttercream and frosted with cookies 'n' cream buttercream, then glazed with a chocolate ganache and finally garnished with a smorgasbord of brookies, chocolate chip cookies, cookies 'n' cream cookies and Oreos.

Red Velvet

Red velvet cake with traditional cream cheese frosting and decorated with red velvet crumbs and icing rosettes.

Cookies N Cream

Chocolate cake with cookies n cream buttercream and chocolate sandwich cookies on top.

Ice Cream Cone Drip

This whimsical ice cream cone drip cake is customizable with your choice of cake flavor, icing, ganache and sprinkle colors.

PB ellenJAY

Chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting. A chocolate ganache drip and crushed peanut butter cup candy are the finishing touches.

Edible Cookie Dough

Three layers of cake of your choice are filled with two layers of edible cookie dough, smooth buttercream in your favorite color, chocolate ganache and scoops of our incredible, edible cookie dough of your choice. (Pick Chocolate Chip or Funfetti)

Chocolate Espresso

Chocolate cake with espresso buttercream. Topped with chocoalte ganache and sprinkled with rich and intense chocolate-covered espresso beans.


Carrot cake is frosted in silky cream cheese icing and rimmed with chopped walnuts.

Italian Cream

Traditional Italian cream cake slathered in cream cheese icing. A coconut garnish is around the bottom and a trio of cake balls on top.

Mardi Gras

A unique twist on a classic Mobile king cake. Cinnamon streusel cake and cinnamon buttercream icing are ladled with a festive purple, green and gold ganache drip and coordinating jimmies.


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